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Smooth Horizontal Plane Movement

The freeFORM board design allows the board to roll both on the horizontal plane , and in any direction.

The benefit is that you stay in full contact with the device while it supports your body weight. And as you approach your end range of movement, you simply change direction, continuing the exercise in a different direction.

Not only can you move forwards, backwards, sideways and in circles, but you can stay in contact while, for example, you transition from a prone face down position to a sideways lateral position to a face up supine position.

To freeFORM means to be able to train the body and the nervous system in a non linear, non repetitive manner. Naturally, the freeFORM Board still allows you to exercise in a linear and structured manner, however its ability to combine motion on the horizontal plane as well as across any direction is totally unique and what drastically widens your training options.

The freeFORM Board allows you to condition every major muscle-joint complex in the body through a full range of motion, in every direction, and through every angle and plane of motion.

It allows you to transition from any kinetic chain such as anterior to lateral, to transverse, to any other - without dismounting.

In doing so, freeFORM provides a simple and natural extension of the body, helping develop functional core strength, mobility, control, balance, flexibility, agility and endurance more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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